Corporate Profile

‘What can never happen’ happens in real and gives us all an inference of what has to be done extra or added to for ensuring domestic and industrial safety. In CCTV industry, the gap between what is happening and what is being captured has to be bridged well to prevent any unwanted incident in the future. Effrosafe has clearly sensed this and puts innovation into work before bringing any product or service. A conventional CCTV camera captures and stores all in its memory. The user assumes the memory to be for future reference. Why shouldn’t a CCTV system alert its user in a predefined way the moment something happens instead assuming it to be stored somewhere for future use? It is only Effrosafe that has raised this question put it into test. Since it remained unanswered for long, it became axiomatic for Effrosafe to bring its first product ‘a world’s first CCTV alert service’.

With its polite start, Effrosafe has commendable position in CCTV industry. Effrosafe has a team of professionals who work meticulously for building an alternate system for serving every product segment in CCTV. The more cameras are required, the more are manufactured and less becomes the cost of a camera due to its mass production. This, everybody knows, is because of ‘economies of scale’. This applies for all products separately. It is only an innovation that can give us all a cost benefit that even economies of scale can’t. The team at Effrosafe has brought a device that can do the job of three different devices. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) does the job of a CCTV. A fire and burglar alarms are totally two different entities in themselves. A Hybrid device developed by Effrosafe professionals does the job of CCTV, Fire alarm and Burglar alarm. Effrosafe has proven that mass production of one device can replace the cost of manufacturing three different devices.

End users invest a lot of money on CCTV only because it has everything captured in its memory for future use. One can assume CCTV to be of no use without memory. In spite of installing memory on CCTV, what if an end user happens to lose memory by means of technical errors, physical damage to the device or theft of device in itself? The end user will be left with no access to the memory. Effrosafe has keenly observed this vacuum and has come out with cloud back up service. Now, with that, an end user can have access to his CCTV memory, in any eventuality whatsoever. Be it a physical damage, a technical error or theft, an end user can experience an unmatched security to his memory. The most experienced professionals have worked diligently for the development of this product/service. Not only accessing memory, Effrosafe claims that almost ever functionality a DVR offers is virtualized in the clouds.

Any product that Effrosafe may bring in future will have an innovation at the source of its development. How secure the end users are depends on how secure the security products are with respect to the underlying manufacturing, price, quality, etc. Every product by Effrosafe not only offers better security but also works smartly and is designed to check any breach to security of end user and product in itself. By buying an Effrosafe product, an end user not only buys an offering of different kind but also invests wholly on brand Effrosafe for the worked out and continuing innovation.

Our Vision

To create a secure world wherein people are safer than ever, security products and systems are interdependent, innovation remains as a backbone of process of any product development, outcome of any product venture is safety of the end user alone and people appreciate every sensible move in product remodeling.

Our Mission

To become a world player in security products and services industry in next 10 years and have maximum product range covering almost every sphere in the industry. Aim to give every product venture with profit being secondary and better product utility and unseen dimension primary.