Our Business Priorities

Effrosafe is focused on six business priorities. They help us to achieve sustainable growth in all markets and to create value out of our image, global scale, people, brands and promise on safety, all standing together visualize brand Effrosafe.

Create competition and win

We don’t believe in entering into an existing competition. Rather we create competition and win twice. Once for having created it and the other for ensuring continuous win.

Shape the security products industry

Effrosafe is an undisputed leader in bringing new products segment in security products industry. With our established foot print, we are focusing on growing the security product industry and creating a broader global security products portfolio.

Lead by marketing and innovation

Effrosafe is committed to being part of the conversation with customers and we continue to unleash the power of our innovation a core part of how we do business.

Be commercially assertive

Effrosafe is driving excellence in business partners network and ensuring availability to reach all end users.

Drive cutting edge productivity

Effrosafe is leveraging the global scale of its operations to deliver increased efficiencies across the business.

Creating a secure world

Our approach to sustainability is embedded in the company strategy and focuses on creating sustainable value for the business, our partners and our customers.